Gozo SPCA – AGM and the future for the Society

Press Release Gozo SPCA   20th April 2012

During the Annual General Meeting of Gozo SPCA, held at the Gozo NGO Centre on 16th April, the members present agreed with the Committee’s recommendation that it will no longer be searching for a site for a new Centre and will concentrate its efforts on upgrading the current Centre in Victoria to comply with the new Animal Welfare Act regulations applying to sanctuaries and shelters.

The Society has tried for over 20 years to relocate to new premises, coming close on several occasions but always without success.

Recently a new site was chosen and jointly agreed on by Gozo SPCA, the Gozo Ministry and the Lands Dept. However, following months of intensive preparations for the Alternative Site Assessment Report, the Society has been informed by MEPA that a Planning Application to build an animal shelter on that site would almost certainly be refused.

This decision was a body blow to the dedicated volunteers, most of who are well beyond retirement age. The damage to morale amongst the volunteers has been so great that it was decided to give up the battle to find yet another site when obstacles are met at every turn.

The Gozo SPCA says that this will mean a great reduction in the number of dogs held,  from as many as 25, to about 6 (the exact number will depend on an architect’s report). There will have to be proper facilities, including isolation/quarantine zones, which do not exist at the present time.

For further information contact info@spca-gozo.org

Betty Berry

PRO Gozo SPCA  (until 30th April 2012, then retiring)



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