FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1 – I found some kittens near a playing field (or near my front garden etc.). What should I do?

A1 – Do not touch the kittens immediately. Wait for some time to see if the mother car returns as usually mother cats leave their kittens so that they go to eat and return to take care of their kittens. If the mother cat does not turn up, pick up the kittens – if their tummy feels full it means that the mother cat is taking care of them and will return. Keep a look out at a later time, after about 6 to 8 hours and if you do not happen to see the mother cat check the tummy again – if it is still full the mother cat has returned to take care of the kittens and is out eating again. If the eyes of the kittens have pus (discharge) on them or the kittens look generally sick call the Animal Welfare Ambulance so that they will come and have a look at them, if they need to take them for care ideally the mother cat is caught as well.

Q2 – I saw a dog or a cat being hit by a car – the animal looks alive. Who should I call?

A2 – Yes, call 1717 and inform them immediately. Stop your car in a position that helps avoid further hits and put on warning signs. If you have an old towel on you in the car, cover the animal leaving the head exposed.

Q3 – There is a dead cat in my street – I am sure it is dead. Shall I call Animal Welfare?

A3 – No, animal welfare can do nothing for a definitely dead cat as there is no legal obligation yet for the microchipping and registration of cat ownership. You need to inform your local council or the Cleansing Department on 1718.

Q4 – There is a dead dog in my street –I am sure it is dead. Shall I call Animal Welfare?

A4 – Yes, although the dog is dead, Animal Wlefare will still come on site to verify if the dog was microchipped as obliged through legislation. They would then inform the owner of the dog that their dog is dead and if needed take any legal action against the owner if it is found out that the owner had abandoned his dog.

Q5 – I saw a dog roaming about, it looks too clean to be a stray. What do I do?

A5 – Call animal welfare on 1717. If the dog is friendly enough that it comes up to you and you are not afraid of dogs try and hold the dog until the Animal Welfare Ambulance arrives on site to avoid the dog getting injured. If the dog is not coming up to you or you do not feel comfortable touching the dog, ideally follow the dog so that when the ambulance team call you when they are almost on site you can give them the exact location of where the dog is.

Q6 – My pet is very sick. Can the Animal Welfare Ambulance pick up my pet and take it to a vet?

A6 – No, the Animal Wlefare Ambulance only caters for stray animals. You need to take the pet to your private vet. If he/she is not available or you do not have transportation means, you can call the Animal Welfare Ambulance and ask for a list of Veterinarians that carry out house visits or the numebr of a private animal ambulance. Some of these numbers can also be found on the links section of this website.

Q7 – I feed stray cats and some cats in my colony are sick. Can animal welfare help?

A7 – Animal welfare can help you catch sick cats from your colony. You may then decide if you wish to take that cat to your private vet or if the cat is taken by animal welfare. Conditions will be explained on site.

Q8 – I pass by a field and see animals in poor state. What should I do?

A8 – Call Animal Welfare on 1717 or 22924247 to report your concern of lack of animal welfare or abuse. Although you are free to remain anonymous, we appreciate if you leave your name and mobile number as this assists the Animal Welfare Officers to identify the location of the case faster if they do not find it through the directions given by calling you. Your details will never be divulged to the person being investigated. Alternatively you can raise your concerns by e-mail on animalwelfare.msdec@gov.mt or through the contact us form on this website.

Q9 – My neighbour’s dog is constantly barking. Can you help?

A9 – Animal Welfare will investigate any concern raised. However, if the welfare conditions are found to be of acceptable standards, the fact of just barking will no longer fall under animal welfare and will have to be raised with the Police.

Q10 – My dog ran away – what shall I do?

A10 – You have to file in a Police Report at the nearest police station. Then, if you have an e-mail account send the police report number, the name of the dog, your name and mobile number, the place and time when and from where the dog escaped and a recent photo of the dog if available to animalwelfare.msdec@gov.mt so that if it is found we will contact you. If you do not have e-mail call 1717 or 79969918 to give as much of these details as possible. It is important to always microchip your dogs and to update all the details on the register if these change. However, if for some reason this has not been done, you still need to file the police report and contact animal welfare – in a lot of instances where dogs are lost and were not microchipped, they were not re-united with their owners only because the owner was afraid to report the dog missing and the owner would have gladly taken back the dog if it was found.