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Thank you PAWS Malta!

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Gozo SPCA would like to thank PAWS Malta volunteers and customers for the very generous donation of €10,000 which will go towards our stray and feral cat neutering programme in Gozo.    We believe our stray and feral cat neutering programme is a vital part of our role in Gozo. Compared to 10 or 20 years ago, there are far fewer stray cats in Gozo, and the ones around are much healthier. However, there are still many more kittens being born than homes for them, hence the continuing need to neuter and PAWS Malta’s donation will allow us to continue our work. 

PAWS Malta is an entirely volunteer-run charity, raising funds by operating two charity shops, in San Gwann and Mosta.   Their primary aim is to help registered animal welfare NGO’s by donating funds for neutering and food supplies for animals in their care. 

New facilities for animal welfare on Gozo – 2018

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Justyne Caruana, The Minister for Gozo, on Monday announced big plans for animal welfare in Gozo, including Gozo SPCA. Fingers crossed this will be very positive for both Gozo SPCA, and the care of the injured and stray animals in Gozo in general. We thank the Minister for including Gozo SPCA in this plan.

Some of what Gozo SPCA did in 2017

We arranged for the neutering of 643 female cats & 260 male cats, 20 male dogs and 11 female dogs and rehomed 59 dogs, 4 Cats & 92 Kittens

Thank you to everyone for all your support, it wouldn’t be possible without you

Do you have any Maltese Lira notes lying around ? They can only be converted into Euros in person at the Central Bank in Valletta until 31/1, but if you prefer you can donate to us, and we will take them next week.

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Happy Paws Adoption Scheme

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Gozo SPCA are delighted to announce that Happy Paws Malta have invited them to join their adoption scheme for dogs. Under their scheme, if you officially adopt a dog from Gozo SPCA, which needs to be 2 years or older, the medical advice and treatment needed by this dog during its lifetime, will be given free of charge in Happy Paws clinic in Marsa (medicines will be charged at cost price). On or before adoption the dog will be neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Gozo SPCA joins Noahs Ark, AAA and Island Sanctuary within the scheme.

Happy Paws Adoption Scheme

Dennis and Ana!

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Dennis “Super Star”, a favourite SPCA dog of so many people, made a big hit at the recent 40th Anniversary Exhibition of Gozo SPCA. He was there on most days, coming out of retirement for the occasion, meeting and greeting many VIPS, including H.E. the President of Malta, who was so taken with our Dennis that she had a big cuddle with him. But a few days later a group from Sannat School came to the exhibition and Dennis met Ana Abela, a bright and cheerful girl who is wheelchair bound. Who enjoyed it most, Dennis meeting Ana or Ana meeting Dennis? Whatever, there was a very happy little dog enjoying the company of a very special girl. Ana was definitely Dennis’s VIP number one! – Betty Berry

Gozo SPCA 40th Anniversary – newsletter out now

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Gozo SPCA 40th Anniversary Newsletter here


40 years caring about animals – 1976-2016

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Gozo SPCA celebrates 40 years of caring for animals

It is 40 years this year since Gozo SPCA was founded by a British resident Jane Sedgfield. She was concerned by the number of stray cats and dogs in Gozo and also at the difficulties of finding veterinary care for companion animals. The results of her initiative and the work of many others who have followed in her footsteps can be seen all around us today in greatly reduced numbers of stray dogs and feral cats.

To mark this anniversary Gozo SPCA is holding an exhibition at the Ministry for Gozo Exhibition Hall, St Francis Square, Victoria, from Wednesday 27th April to Tuesday 3rd May. The exhibition will be officially opened by the Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo on Wednesday 27th April at 2.00 pm and on Saturday 30th April Her Excellency, The President of Malta, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, will visit the exhibition.

The exhibition will feature work by Gozitan school children as well as illustrating the work done by Gozo SPCA over the last 40 years.

Gozo SPCA would like to thank the following organisations for sponsoring the event :
Borg Cardona (Royal Canin),
Vini e Capricci (Abrahams),
Lord Chambray brewery.
Also Sir MA Refalo Sixth form for help with printing of the exhibition poster.

The exhibition will be open from 09.00 – 16.30 each day apart from the last day Tuesday 3rd May when it will close at 13.00.

Gozo SPCA Anniversary Edition newsletter out now

If anyone is willing to help “man” the exhibition, please message us. Just looking for people to caretake for a few hours


Doggy bags – the law in Malta

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The law in Malta is that:-SPCA LOGO 2015  copy

“any person who has a dog under his control in any street shall at all times carry with him a dog bag”

this means you must have an empty doggy waste bag on you, even at the end of a walk, and people have been fined by wardens for not having a bag after they used the bag or bags earlier in the walk.

The law and your dog

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The law and your dog

1. Any dog four months or older must be chipped
2. Any dog in a public place must wear an ID tag with a minimum of a contact number of the owner or keeper
3. The owner of a dog is the person who the dog is registered under with the chip registrar – if your dog isnt chipped and somebody else chips it in their name, they are the owner.
4. its illegal to sell puppies under 8 weeks old, and from 2/4/2014 illegal to sell any dog without a licence
5. Its illegal to take a dog on a sandy beach, or in a designated swimming zone whilst the zonal markings are displayed (eg bouys)
6. If your dog was microchipped overseas you need to re-register the chip on the Malta database. Otherwise your contact details will not be found. By law this must be done within 90 days from date of entry into Malta, but why wait ?

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SMS numbers for Gozo SPCA!

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Gozo SPCA now has SMS donation numbers

At the moment they are set up for Vodafone and Go. To send us a donation, please send an SMS to one of the following numbers – your account will be debited with the amount listed

€1.16 – 50616116
€2.33 – 50617375
€4.66 – 50618061
€6.99 – 50618904
€11.65 – 50619204

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Gozo SPCA has rehomed 54 dogs and 23 kittens so far this year, all of whom were neutered, and all the dogs microchipped. This compares to 52 dogs and 73 kittens and cats in 2011. We have also reunited several owners with their lost pets, plus have released many neutered kittens back to their cat colonies. This has only been possible due to the amazing support we have received from so many people. Our website, facebook page,, plus other media including, The Times and The Independent have all been a vital part in our rehoming success. Plus, of course, all the volunteers at our centre, who have recuperated, trained, walked, fed, and generally loved our animals to get them ready for a forever home. We owe a massive thanks to AAA, Noahs Ark, Island Sanctuary and Malta SPCA for their help in rehoming our animals. We all work very closely together, helping each other out when we can.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, both individuals, and
charities like Dogs Trust UK and Marchig Trust, we have also been able to neuter 199 cats so far in 2012 (and 405 last year), plus numerous dog . We have also engraved over 500 ID tags for dogs and cats, making it easier for lost pets to be returned to their owners.

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SPCA LOGO 2015  copyLeptospirosis, and vaccinating your dog – we have heard of several cases recently of dogs dying from leptospirosis, a disease commonly transmitted via rat urine. Its very important that dogs are given their annual booster vaccinations to provide protection.  If you have rehomed a dog from Gozo SPCA and aren’t sure when the booster vaccination is due, please email us on

Microchipping and ID tagging…

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Microchipping and ID tagging of dogs is now a legal requirement. Dogs Trust Malta are offering two schemes to dog owners who are on benefits, farmers, hunters and factory dogs (1) til end of June, free microchipping (2) an ongoing free microchipping, neutering and vaccination please call Dogs Trust on 21421500 or 777 111 00 ID tags are available from Gozo SPCA for €3.50 including postage within Malta.



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Gozo SPCA – AGM and the future for the Society

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Press Release Gozo SPCA   20th April 2012

During the Annual General Meeting of Gozo SPCA, held at the Gozo NGO Centre on 16th April, the members present agreed with the Committee’s recommendation that it will no longer be searching for a site for a new Centre and will concentrate its efforts on upgrading the current Centre in Victoria to comply with the new Animal Welfare Act regulations applying to sanctuaries and shelters.

The Society has tried for over 20 years to relocate to new premises, coming close on several occasions but always without success.

Recently a new site was chosen and jointly agreed on by Gozo SPCA, the Gozo Ministry and the Lands Dept. However, following months of intensive preparations for the Alternative Site Assessment Report, the Society has been informed by MEPA that a Planning Application to build an animal shelter on that site would almost certainly be refused.

This decision was a body blow to the dedicated volunteers, most of who are well beyond retirement age. The damage to morale amongst the volunteers has been so great that it was decided to give up the battle to find yet another site when obstacles are met at every turn.

The Gozo SPCA says that this will mean a great reduction in the number of dogs held,  from as many as 25, to about 6 (the exact number will depend on an architect’s report). There will have to be proper facilities, including isolation/quarantine zones, which do not exist at the present time.

For further information contact

Betty Berry

PRO Gozo SPCA  (until 30th April 2012, then retiring)



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Where you can’t let a dog swim – in Gozo

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Official swimming zones in Gozo – where you can’t let a dog swim

Xatt l-Ahmar, from the concrete patch opposite the boathouses

Mgarr ix-Xini Bay, from slipway in front of bar

Mgarr ix-Xini, private beach


Kantra Bay, from point facing it-Torri tax-Xlendi

Promenade, from point in front of Ghar ta’ Karolina

Point in front of Churchill Bar

Outermost point of jetty


Main Slipway inside the Inland Sea


Xwejni Bay, from slipway in front of boathouse on the right hand side of the Bay.

Qbajjar Bay, Slipway on the left hand side of the Bay

From Breakwater

Springboard from the ladder

Paletta, from the concrete platform

Ghar Qawqla, from the left hand side of the Bay

Nadur Area

Ramla, the first rocky outcrop on the Xaghra Side

Ramla, the rocky outcrop below the country lane on the Nadur side

San Blas, from in front of the Rocky outcrop below the passage way

Dahlet Qorrot, from the ladder on the concrete patch in front of the boathouses.

Hondoq ir-Rummien, from concrete platform to the left of the Bay

Zewwieqa Bay, from jetty overlooking the Bay